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72 Cars Jam the Borger's Pits as Pat VanVarick Wins Borger's 50 Lap TQ Opener..

Simon Eagen Takes Home Checkered in All-Star Slingshot 40 Lapper…

Pat VanVarick wins Borgers TQ's and son Jack wins Kid Karts. Bob Snyder Photo.

Saylorsburg, PA., April 14th, 2014 In Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints Pat VanVarick led the pack to turn one followed by Rob Vivona, and Geoffrey Sutton.  As VanVarick increased his lead Kurt Bettler charged into fourth place on lap four and third the next go around.  Matt Roselli coming like a “Runaway Freight Train” grabbed second spot on lap sixteen.  On the lap seventeen restart it was VanVarick, Rosseli and Vivona back to third.  Lap eighteen Vivona moved into second with Sutton on his tail in third.  By lap thirty Austin Fehr made his presence known taking over fourth and two laps later moving into third.  As Vivona faded Fehr got by Sutton in the closing laps but did not have enough to chase down VanVarick.  VanVarick took the win with Fehr second followed by Sutton, Vivona, and Larry Hoagland.

A record setting opening day field of twenty two AllStar Slingshots led by Demetrios Drellos took starter Tyler Knitter’s green flag in the sprint for the $500 to win AllStar Slingshot 40 lapper.  Simon Eagan and Ton Arntz immediately put the pressure on Drellos as the field bunched up in back of them.  Eagan took the lead on lap two and on lap three Justin Thompson roared into third.  As the battle for the lead grew intense Nick Shaw and Mark Sensenig worked their way to the front as various battles shaped up throughout the field.  Dylan Hoch, Mike Lapicki, Tom Arntz, Mike McLaughlin, and Ryan Lacoe were also locked in a tight battle making the top ten spots at “Battle Royale.”

F8 Matt Janisch Leads 43 Kurt Bettler and 46 Rob Vivona in Borger's TQ Opener.  Bob Snyder Photo

All twenty one drivers performed with precision skill as the feature ran thirty two laps without a caution flag.  On the lap 32 restart it was Eagan, Drellos, and Nick Shaw with Drellos getting the jump on Eagan.  The start was called back and Eagan held the lead for the remaining eight laps with numerous challenges from Drellos and Shaw to take the win.  Thompson and Sensenig rounded out the top five.

A real fine run by Jackson Ring just missing the top ten in only his third race.  Ryan Lacoe and the Reeders are turning in some fine runs and a trip to victory lane is in sight.  An interesting note the top six positions were non Borgers regulars.  They all took to the asphalt extremely well and we hope to see them back.  The Borgers regulars will be ready to take on the challenge. Aidan Svanda won the Junior Slingshots.  

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…    Pat VanVarick, Austin Fehr, Geoffrey Sutton, Rob Vivona, Larry Hoagland, Kurt Bettler, Rob Schultz, Matt Roselli, Mike Fillbrunn, Matt Janisch.

AllStar Slingshots… Simon Eagan, Demetrious Drellos, Justin Thompson, Nick Shaw, Mark Sensenig, Dylan Hoch, Mike Lapicki, Ton Arntz, Mike McLaughlin, Ryan Lacoe, Jackson Ring, Ed Reeder, Alan Hauptman, Taylor Eccles, Tom Hennessy, Johnny  Bush, Kurt Bettler, Louden Reimert, John Gilroy, Jim Conroy, Ken Reeder.

Junior Slingshots… Aidan Svanda

Justin Gumley Wins Senior Champ Karts….

Ron Ehrhardt Wins Clone Wars Round One at Borger's Speedway.

10 Austin Silfee Wins Junior 3 and 11X Jared Silfee Wins Junior 2 At Borgers.

Justin Gumley held the lead from his pole position starting spot and never looked back leading every lap to win Senior Champ Karts.  Dalton Rivera and Scott Heilman would fall in back of Gumley but a hard charging Steven Frindt moved into third on lap two and second the following lap.  As Frindt put pressure on Gumley for the lead Rivera and Heilman made it a four car battle for the top spot.  Gumley held off all challenges to take the win followed by Frindt, Rivera, Heilmann, Teddy Reed, and John Grenpil.

Clone Wars Round One turned out to be nothing short of World War III as the brothers Ehrhardt keep the screaming fans on the edge of their seats with the nail biting driving they are famous for.  At the drop of the green it was Randy and Ron Ehrhardt with Scott Heilman in tow.  Out of turn two Heilmann jumped to second as Derrick Demont  made it a four car battle for the lead.  Lap after lap the Ehrhardts were glued together and on the last lap Ron made the pass on Randy to take the win followed by Heilman, Derrick Dermont, and Philip Sabatine, Billy Proctor, and Brennen Coultar.

Jack VanVarick led every lap to take the Kid Kart feature win which was the first checkered flag of the 2014 racing season over the 2014 Borgers Rookie Kid Kart Champion Collin O’Connor followed by Connor Mirabelli. Junior 3 Champion Austin Silfee took the Junior 3 win over Jacob Proctor, and Jesse Strohl. Cody Quagliato took the Junior 1 win. (Unofficial.) In Junior 2 Jared Silfee  the 2013 Junior 2 Champion visited victory lane for the second time today taking the Junior 2 win over Joseph Costello.  (Unofficial.) Dalton Rivera topped the World Formula Micrstocks followed by Bob Wagner, Harry Burd, Jason Burd, and Pappy Curnell. Bob Wagner continued his winning ways taking the first MSRS Tour Show at Borgers.  Larry Ealey and Walt Muller chased him to the checker followed by Tyler Wagner, Brin Correll, and Al Vanhart.

The Junior Sportsman Champ Karts once again stole the show with a performance which is proof positive of what these kids are made of.  Jared Silfee led the field to turn one followed by Cody Quagiiato, and Gary Collins but out of turn two Quagliato jumped to the lead.  Cody’s lead would be short lived as Silfee roared back into the lead on lap two.  At this time Gary Collins and Shelby McLaughlin joined the hunt in a battle for third place.  As Silfee increased his lead the three car battle for second heated up.  With four laps to go Quagliato and Collins tangled  with Shelby taking over second and Liam O’Connor on her rear bumper.  On the restart it was Silfee, McLaughlin, and O’Connor running in tight formation the remaining laps.  The 2014 Junior Champ Kart Champion Jared Silfee took the win followed by Shelby McLaughlin in her first Junior Champ race and the 2014 Kid Kart Champion Liam O’Connor. 

Senior Champ Karts.. Justin Gumley,Steven Frindt, Dalton Rivera, Scott Heilman, Teddy Reed, Johm Grempil

Clone Wars Round One… Ron Ehrhardt, Randy Ehrhardt, Scott Heilman, Derrick Dermont, Philip Sabatine, Billy Proctor, Brennen Coultar.

Kid Karts… Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, Connor Mirabelli.

Junior 3… Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor, Jesse Strohl.

Junior 1… Cody Quagliato. (Unofficial,)

Junior 2…  Jared Silfee,  Joseph Costello,  (Unofficial.)

World Formula MicroStocks… Dalton Rivera, Bob Wagner, Harry Burd, Jason Burd, Pappy Curnell.

MSRS Tour… Bob Wagner, Larry Ealey, Walt Mueller, Tyler Wagner, Brian Correll, Al Vanhart.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Jared Silfee, Shelby McLaughlin, Liam O’Connor, Cody Quagliato, Tanner Jones, Gary Collins.


 Saylorsburg, PA., April 7th, 2014 Under cold, blustery skies with a high not reaching 40 degrees 50 racecars took to the Borgers Speedway asphalt for an extremely productive four hour practice session this past Saturday.  After rubber was laid on the track the grip improved quickly and some near record times were posted.  Unfortunately times could not be posted because someone saw fit to crawl under the grandstands and cut the transponder loop wire.  The incident has been turned over to the authorities and hopefully an arrest will be made shortly.

Larry Hoagland, Kurt Bettler, and Pat VanVarick took to the speedway in their TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints and very quickly the speeds improved throughout the afternoon.  With $500 to win next Saturday April 12 a full field is expected.

A very impressive 15 Slingshots showed to get some lap time for the $500 to win feature slated for April 12.  The hesitation of asphalt racing has been overtaken by the competitiveness and how forgiving asphalt racing is on the cars and tires.  Large Slingshot fields are expected this season.

A stout field of Karts made for a preview of what the 2014 season hold s for them.  Fierce competition is once again expected as the Karts take to the wide, super fast Borgers 1/7 mile oval.

A very record breaking field of MicroStocks turned laps in what will be a stellar year for the MicroStocks at Borgers.

Borgers Speedway has always put the emphasis on the youth in the sport and that was very evident on Saturday.  Paige Hunsinger, daughter of veteran racer Moe Hunsinger, turned her first laps in her Kid Kart and got faster each session.  Connor Mirabelli also was in high gear looking for his first win this season.

Anyone that hung around after the day ended was treated to about 50 laps of very impressive racing by our Junior Sportsman Champ Karters.  In her first laps in her Champ Kart Borgers Speedway Princess Lil Miss Shelby McLaughlin wasted no time in learning the moves with the 2013 Borgers Speedway Kid Kart Champion Liam O’Connor and the 2013 Junior Sportsman Champ Kart Champion Jared Silfee.  As the three future “Superstars circled the oval the speeds got faster each lap.  All three looked like the TQ’s swapping the lead lap after lap.  Keep in mind these kids are all under the age of ten and they are proof positive the future of racing is in good hands at Borgers Speedway.

Action will get under way this Saturday April 12 with Triple $500 To Win features for the AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, AllStar Slingshot, and Briggs Senior Champ Karts.  Also on the card is Clone Wars Round One, MSRS MicroStock Tour Race, and a full program of Dirt 600 Sprints, Junior Slingshots, and Karts.   Gates open at 11:00 a.m. with warm-ups at 1:00 p.m. 



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