Borger's Action 7-05-14

Bob Snyder Photo.

Geoffrey Sutton Wins Borgers TQ’s.

Taylor Eccles Makes It Number Five In All-Star Slingshots.


Geoffrey Sutton Wins Borgers TQ. Taylor Eccles Wins Number Five Borgers All-Star Slingshots.  Bob Snyder Photo.

Saylorsburg, PA., July 5th, 2014:  With the Asphalt 600 Sprints off the schedule for this week and the cancellation of the ATQMRA event a slim field of TQ’s stressed the importance of combining the TQ and Asphalt 600 Sprints.

Geoffrey Sutton has been knocking at the door the entire 2014 season and tonight the father-son team would put it all together with a trip to Borgers Speedway victory lane.  Sutton, a top runner in the Quarter Midgets, has been making a name for himself in the Three Quarter Midgets in recent years.  Together with the dedication of his father Greg they have put together a winning package making them a top contender in the Three Quarter Midget ranks.   Sutton, Austin Fehr, and Corey Cormier made the dash to turn one with Sutton in the lead coming out of turn two.  Fehr would mount a challenge on Sutton but soon started falling back as Rob Vivona was on the move getting by Cormier and Fehr for second spot by lap ten.  Sutton held of challenges by Vivona leading every lap to take the win over Vivona, Fehr, and Cormier.

Taylor Eccles made it win number five in AllStar Slingshots.  Jim Conroy, Eccles, and Tom Hennessy lead the pack to turn one but by lap two Eccles would take the lead.  Greg Zellman moved into third by the half way mark and on a lap sixteen restart Matt Dealaman moved into fourth spot as Eccles maintained a strong lead.  In the closing laps Zellman began to fade as Dealaman took over third followed by Ryan Lacoe and Eddie Reeder.  Eccles took the win followed by Conroy, Dealaman, Lacoe, and Eddie Reeder. Wyatt Hager won Junior Slingshots.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ’s….   Geoffrey Sutton, Rob Vivona, Austin Fehr, Corey Cormier.

AllStar Slingshots…   Taylor Eccles, Jim Conroy, Matt Dealaman, Ryan Lacoe, Eddie Reeder, DNF…  Greg Zellman, Tom Hennessy, Ken Reeder.

Junior Slingshot…    Wyatt Hager.

Scott Heilman Makes Borgers Speedway History.

Scott Heilman Makes History At Borgers. 
First Driver To Win Three Features In One Night.  bob Snyder Photo

Scott Heilman made history at Borgers Speedway Saturday July 5, 2014 being the first driver ever to win three feature events in one night of racing.  Heilman did the impossible winning Senior Champ Karts, Briggs Heavy, and Senior Clones.

In Senior Champ Karts Heilman held off challenges from Steven Frindt and Paul Valent Sr. to take the win.  Mike Reeder and John Grempel were fourth and fifth. In Senior Clone Heilman made it win number two over last week’s winner Billy Proctor followed by Brenned Coulter. Heilman would make it three for three in Briggs Heavy fighting off Ron and Randy Ehrhardt, Kyle Kania, and Scott Thomas.

Collin O’Connor made a promise to his mom after winning Kid Karts two weeks ago while she was in Florida he would be back in victory lane for her and he made good on that promise.  Winning his heat he fought off big brother Liam O’Connor who took the early lead.  Collin regained the lead on lap two only to lose it to Liam at the half way mark.  As the brothers raced side by side Collin took the lead with two laps to go making it win number two for 2014.

In Pork Chops Jason Beers took a wild flip down the backstretch in his heat but came from last starting spot in the feature on the first lap to challenge pole sitter Eddie Geiger for the lead on lap number one.  Coming out of turn four Beers took the lead but Geiger was far from finished.  As the two battled side by side Geiger regained the lead on lap eighteen and went on to win his first Pork Chop feature at Borgers.  Beers had to settle for second followed by Tom boyd and Jim Carlucci.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts once again had a strong field as Jared Silfee led John Kendall and Cody Quagliato to turn one.  Out of turn two Liam O’Connor got by Quagliato as Silfee and Kendall battled for the lead.  Quagliato got by O’Connor at the half way mark as Kendall took the lead from Silfee.  As the two swapped the lead Kendall got by Silfee on the final lap for the win.  Quagliato was third followed by O’Connor, and Jasper Zigafuse. Kallie Manieri won Junior Champ Karts.

Bob Wagner held off Pappy Curnell in World Formula MicroStocks with Harry Burd on the leader’s tails.  Geoffrey Sutton finished third and Steven Frindt fourth followed by Fred Delibero. Bob Wagner repeated his win in L206 MicroStocks followed by his son Tyler and James Counterman Jr., James Counterman Sr., and Larry Ealey. Jared Silfee won Junior 2 over Joey Costello, and Cody Quagliatoo.

Senior Champ Karts…  Scott Heilman, Steven Frindt, Paul Valent Sr., Mike Reeder, John Grempel.

Senior Clone… Scott Heilman, Billy Proctor, Brenned Coulter.

Briggs Heavy…   Scott Heilman, Ron Ehrahardt, Randy Ehrharst, Kyle Kania,  DNF… Scott Thomas.

Kid Karts…   Collin O’Connor, Liam O’Connor.

Pork Chops…    Eddie Geiger, Jason Beers, Tom Boyd, Jim Carlucci.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…   John Kendall, Jared Silfee, Cody Quagliato, Liam O’Connor, Jasper Zigafuse,  DNF… Tommy Stillo.

Junior Champ Karts…    Kallie Manieri.

World Formula MicroStocks…  Bob Wagner, Pappy Curnell, Harry Burd, Geoffrey Sutton, Steven Frindt, Fred Delibero.

L206 MicroStocks…   Bob Wagner, Tyler Wagner, Jamers Counterman Jr., James Counterman Sr., DNF… Larry Ealey.

Junior 2…   Jared Silfee, Joey Costello, Cody Quagliato. 



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