Borger's 2014 Easter Egg Hunt

Mark Sensenig Devastates Stout Slingshot Field as VanVarick Wins Asphalt 600 Sprints.

$2000 to win All-Star Slingshots.  Details coming soon.

Pat VanVarick wins Borgers TQ and Matt Sensenig wins All-Star Slingshots. Bob Snyder Photo

Saylorsburg, PA., April 20th, 2014:  Last week Mark Sensenig, in his first race at Borgers Speedway, turned in a solid fifth place finish.  From the get go it was clear that Sensenig would be a man to keep your eye on.  In his second try at Borgers Mark parked the 725 in victory lane in a very convincing manner. 

Coming off his win in the second qualifying heat Sensenig started on the outside pole but his task would not be an easy one as pole sitter Al Hauptman was running very strong.  At the drop of the green it was Sensenig and Taylor Eccles chasing Hauptman to turn one.  As the three battled neck and neck Sensenig took the lead on lap three and there is where he remained the entire race. 

17 Pat VanVarick and 43 Kurt Bettler at Borgers.  Bob Snyder Photo.

As the race wore on Sensenig ran flawlessly hitting his mark in every turn and in the closing stages of the race Eccles got by Hauptman for second.  While all this was going on Anthony Peanutbutter Raisner was coming like a freight train.  As Raisner locked up fourth spot Ryan Laoce and Jim Conroy finished a close fifth and sixth.

With Borgers working agreement with ATQMRA TQ’s were not on the card today so as not to conflict with the ATQMRA event at the Mahoning Valley Speedway.  The Hoosier Racing  Tires Asphalt 600 Sprints did take to the asphalt and once again it was Pat VanVarick in victory lane.  From the start it was a two car battle with VanVarick and Kurt Bettler for the top spot.  While they battled for the lead Larry Hoagland was waiting in the wings for either of the top runners to make a mistake and challenge for the lead.  At the checkered flag it was VanVarick, Bettler, Hoagland, Mark Yoder, and Ed Wilburg.

Fast Paced Slingshot Action 2 weeks in a Row.  Bob Snyder Photo.

AllStar Slingshots… Mark Sensenig, Taylor Eccles, Alan Hauptman, Anthony Raisner, Ryan Lacoe, Jim Conroy, Kurt Bettler, Jackson Ring, Ed Reeder, James Moyer, Ken Reeder, Tom Arntz, Johnny Bush, Harry Burd,   DNS  JR Fulper.

Hoosier Racing Tires Asphalt 600 Sprints… Pat VanVarick, Kurt Bettler, Larry Hoagland, Mark Yoder, Ed Wilburg.

Heilman Hits Double Header Winning KOA and Winning Senior Clone While Setting a New Track Record in Senior clones.  Wagner King of MRL.  Liam O’Connor Back In Victory Lane.

Scott Heilman added two more wins to his win column at Borgers while setting a new track record in Senior Clones.  At the drop of the green in KOA Senior Champ Kart it was Heilman, Teddy Reed, and Ron Ehrhardt to turn one.  As the leaders pulled away a four car battle for fourth spot developed between Dalton Rivera, Gabbie Olender, John Berger, and Steven Frindt.  On a lap seven restart Rivera moved into second and a lap later the caution flew for a crash between Olender and Berger with Olender retiring with a heavily damaged kart.  On the restart it was Heilman and Reed with Berger quickly regaining third.  Heilman took the win followed by Reed and Berger.

Heilman would return to victory lane in Senior Clones as he took the win over John Berger with Billy Proctor right on Berger’s tail.  Pappy Curnell came in a close fourth.

Kart Racing at it's best on the Pavement.  Bob Snyder Photo.

After struggling last week Liam O’Connor wasted no time in making his return to victory lane in Kid Karts.  Liam led Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, and Connor Mirabelli to turn one but VanVarick took the lead coming out of turn two.  As Liam put relentless pressure on VanVarick Liam made the pass in front of the grandstands for the lead on lap seven.  Once past VanVarick, Liam opened a sizeable lead over VanVarick to take the win.  VanVarick settled for second followed by Collin O’Connor and Mirabelli.

In Junior Sportsman Champ Karts Jared Silfee continued his winning ways.   Jared held the lead from his pole position starting spot with Meredith Howell and John Kendell in tow.  As Silfee opened a sizeable lead Kendell and Jeffery Shire went at it for second place.  Kendell took over second while Shire, Howell, and Shelby McLaughlin locked in a tight battle for third.  A late race caution rearranged the field as Howell got by Kendell in the closing laps.  At the finish it was Silfee, Howell, Kendell, McLaughlin, and Shire.

A stout field of 9 MRL Microstocks took the green flag led by Bob Wagner, Dalton Rivers, and Harry Burd.  By lap three Andrew Shuster moved to third and by lap eight Burd was back in third.  Ali the while Ton Arntz in his first MicroStock ride was on the move and took over fourth spot.  As the checkered flag waved it was Wagner, Rivera, Burd, Arntx, and Jeff Weinacker.

A real thriller in Junior 3 as Austin Silfee and Jacob Proctor put on the battle of the day.  Lap after lap Silfee and Proctor swapped the lead which had the fans on the edge of their seats.  In the closing laps Silfee took over for good and on the last lap Proctor threw a chain on the backstretch allowing Jared Silfee to get by.  The finish was Austin Silfee, Jared Silfee, and Proctor. Junior 2 it was Kevin Mee over Joe Costello.

KOA Champ Karts… Scott Heilman, Teddy Reed, John Berger, Ron Ehrhardt, Steven Frindt, Nick Timar, Dalton Rivera, Gabbie Olender, John Grempil Jr.

Senior Clone… Scott Heilman (New Track Record), John Berger, billy Proctor, Pappy Curnell, Richie Smith.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, Connor Mirabelli.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Jared silfee, Meredith Howell, John Kendell, Jeffrey Shire, Shelby McLaughlin, Liam O’Connor, Gary Collins.Tanner Jones.

MRL MicroStocks… Bob Wagner, Dalton Rivera, Harry Burd, Tom Arntz, Jeff Weinacker, Tyler Wagner, Andrew Shuster, Noel Scheffen, Carl Weinacker, Non Conforming Pappy Curnell.

Junior 3… Austin Silfee, Jared Silfee, DNF Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2… Kevin Mee, Joe Costello.



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